Sally was interviewed by Lyn Sharkey, Nutritional Therapist on December 16, 2022.

Lyn writes:

“Vitamin B12 Deficiency can have devastating consequences for our health and there are reasons why it might currently go undiagnosed and yet be mistaken for other conditions. I was thrilled to talk to Sally Pacholok R.N. co-author of “Could It Be B12? An epidemic of Misdiagnosis” about all things B12. Deficiency can occur due to a variety of root causes, and it can impact our lives in many ways, so we can all benefit from becoming familiar with Vitamin B12 and what our levels should be. At the beginning of the video, I chat briefly about some symptoms which I experienced and then we get into the interview with Sally – I hope that you listen because if caught in time, this is easily fixed. However, if left undiagnosed, the damage to our nervous system can be permanent. Neuropathy is a broad term which describes nerve damage or disease. It can affect autonomic, sensory or motor nerves.”

The interview can be viewed on YouTube, as well as podcasts on Spotify, Amazon, and Apple:

Alimentary! podcast #16