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Could It Be B12? An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses 

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“I can say in all honesty that this book saved my life. No, really … it really, really did. After four and a half years of expensive heart tests and taking doctor—prescribed cardio drugs, I was getting progressively weaker and weaker. My life had become unbearable … until I came across this most excellent and wonderful book. Please read this book. It made all the difference in my life.” 

[When diagnosed with pernicious anemia], “the first thing I did was hit the Internet to learn more about this condition that was totally unknown to me. I found Sally Pacholok’s book. I cannot express the relief this book provided. It explained the gravity of the disease, described my classic symptoms, the possible causes, treatment and most importantly the hope for recovery. This is a must—read if you’re B12deficient.” 

“You could save a life by reading this book. It’s too important not to read.” 

“This book saved my son. Could It Be B12? saved my son from a future of mental retardation and a sub—par life. We caught Jack’s B12 deficiency in its early stages, thanks to this book. Unfortunately, because many of the horrific side effects of a B12 deficiency hadn’t yet completely manifested, we got dismissed by many doctors.” 

“If you have been diagnosed with B12 deficiency, I am so glad that you found this book. It is a valuable source of information, perfectly written for the laymen. I have already given copies to my doctors … it is a start.” 

“B12 was a MIRACLE CURE for my sister’s depression. The best thing you can do is to order an extra copy of this book and just give it to your doctor … he will appreciate the information because there aren’t any other authoritative books on this subject.” 

“Many puzzling medical cases could have been solved with careful screening for B12 deficiency. As a physician, I am ashamed to admit that we’ve overlooked B12 problems or just dismissed the possibility that something so simple could have such devastating consequences. This book should be a staple on the shelves of all medical libraries and offices, as it reminds us to start simple when trying to make a diagnosis.” 

“A fantastic treatise on a much overlooked medical problem! As a third-year medical student, I was largely unaware of the prevalence of B12 deficiency and its devastating repercussions. This book, a combination of anecdotal evidence and solid research, provides a strong case for the importance of B12 testing and B12 treatment.” 

“If you are looking for a book that you could bring into your doctor for their education (or for your own survival!), this is the one. It is an absolute horror that this illness goes undetected for so long in so many people. Protect yourself and your loved ones and have this book on hand always. This is the best gift you could give anyone. It saved me in ways I don’t even want to think about.” 

“I can’t express how grateful I am for this book! Saying thanks isn’t enough. I was suffering from debilitating fatigue and neurological symptoms for years and after seeing 20 doctors of all kinds, no one could find out WHY. Then I saw this book at the library and thought, could it be? That day changed my life.” 

“I have referred this book to a number of friends having the same symptoms and frustrations. I praise God for saving my life through the persistent labor of these two medically trained authors.” 

“The best book to read if you suspect that you have a B12 deficiency. I highly recommend it for everyone and it makes a great gift for grandparents.”

“This book contains critical information that could change the lives of many people. Anyone with any sort of unexplained health problems, from Alzheimer’s to leg pain to autism, must read this. I also wish every doctor would read it and become more aware of the prevalence of B12 deficiency. After reading it at the library, I bought a copy for myself and one for my doctor.” 

“This is an excellent book—clear, easy to read, well documented, persuasive, and sensible. It is important that people take charge of their own health, and this book helps us laymen help ourselves.” 

“EVERY medical practitioner needs to read this book. I have recommended the book to more than thirty people thus far and will continue to do so to others. I am purchasing copies for each of my children as well as for the staff MD in this respiratory rehab unit.” 

“Not long ago I was suffering from occasional memory loss, tremors, and was having difficulty with thinking clearly. [After B12 treatment], I have recovered between 85 to 90 percent. I urge anyone who has these symptoms to read this book. It could change your life or someone you love.”