I am excited to alert you all that I have teamed up with Tracey Witty from the United Kingdom.  She is a delightful and brilliant B12 deficiency advocate.  She, as well as a family member and two close friends, suffered from chronic misdiagnosed B12 deficiency and Tracey is dedicated to help put an end to this ignorance and poor health care practice.  Untreated B12deficiency is a costly epidemic—mentally, physically, and economically.  

Please check out her website www.B12deficiency.info  Across the Atlantic we are going to give it our best to stop the epidemic of ignorance, greed, and corruption through education, prevention and advocacy.   B12 deficiency is a world-wide problem and all countries need to work together to solve this treatable medical disorder.  We are working on getting media coverage, lecturing at hospitals and universities, as well as educating governmental leaders and people in power to this overlooked injurious health care problem.  

When people work together for a good cause miracles happen.  B12 Awareness has now crossed the Atlantic and together we will end needless human suffering,  improve health, wellness, and standards of care, as well as save participating  countries billions of health care dollars.  Watch out world—we are giving the public their health back! 

“When a man or woman has the conviction that he or she is doing the work God gave him or her to do, there is a zeal and a courage in his or her soul that all the forces of this world cannot destroy.”

There is power in numbers—please welcome Tracey Witty!  Her website is a sister website to ours.   

Sally Pacholok, R.N.