It’s Rainmaking Time!

Sally was interviewed by Kim Greenhouse for her website It’s Rainmaking Time!  The 84 minute podcast was posted August 12, 2011.  Sally and Kim discuss, in depth, vitamin B12 deficiency and her book Could It Be B12?

Kim Greenhouse created It’s Rainmaking Time! “…as a broadcast vehicle for introducing new and ancient knowledge, solutions, discoveries, and compelling stories.”  She describes her website as follows: “It’s Rainmaking Time! is about bringing people together and providing a space for the expansion of consciousness.  The show is meant to highlight the exciting realms of exploration, discovery, new and ancient knowledge, and to empower inquiry, adventure, and investment in totally new areas of focus.  Our guests span a broad variety of professions, often with totally different backgrounds, frames of reference, knowledge, information, experience, and expertise.  They are often front-runners in their fields, both known and unknown, who wish to elevate understanding of something that is beneficial to the public.”