2012 Interviews and Appearances

Sally was very busy in 2012 with numerous interviews, as well as, television and radio appearances. Below is a list of all of her media-related activities:

Television Interviews

June 5: Make Your Life Healthy TV Show, Cincinatti, Ohio. Host: Patricia Stirnkorb

June 4: Let’s Just Talk TV Show, Cincinatti, Ohio. Host: Kathyrn Raaker, Born B4 64.

April 19: Street Beat CW50 Detroit (WWJ-TV & WKBD-TV)—CBS Affliate. 26905 W. 11 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI 48033 (Health show on various medical issues), Host: Syma Chowdhry.


October 26: 2012 APN Midwest Conference–Illinois Society for Advanced Practice Nursing (ISAPN). The Consequences of Misdiangosed Vitamin B12 Deficiency. 8:15am-9:15am.

September 21: Anti-Ageing Conference London 2012 www.antiageingconference.com Director: Maria Sommers, The Conseqences of Misdiagnosed Vitamin B12 Deficiency. 3pm-3:30pm, Q & A 5:15pm-5:45pm.

May 5: Keynote Speaker at the National Association of Nutritional Professionals (NANP) San Francisco, CA 9am-10:15am The Dangers of Vitamin B12 Deficiency.

May 2: Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Annual Michigan Conference, Mt. Pleasant, MI, Soaring Eagles Resort. The Dangers of Vitamin B12 Deficiency (11am-12 noon).

Newspaper, Magazines, Journals

November: The American Chiropractor: Could it be B12? A question all healthcare providers need to ask themselves. Interviewed by Dr. William H. Koch. Pp. 70-71.


November: Vitamin Retailer Magazine: Long Forgotten Super Hero—Vitamin B12!

October 1: First for Women Magazine, Interviewed by Hallie Potocki: Triple Your Energy pp. 40-41

Sept/Oct: Fall 2012: B Magazine: Is it aging or a vitamin B12 deficiency? Pages 60-62.

September: Vitamin Retailer Magazine: The Dangers of Vitamin B12 deficiency.

July 30: Magazine/Internet Post Interview: The Dangers of Vitamin B12 Deficiency: Diabetics at Great Risk.

May: Whole Foods Magazine, for Kaylynn Chiarello-Ebner (Editor) Homocysteine.

April: Bottom Line Personal: Ask the Experts. p. 16.

February 26: Sunday Patriot-News, Pennsylvania—Your Health—Presented by Body & Mind, Section E, pp 1 and 6. Vitamin B12: Diagnosing deficiency is often overlooked. By: Carolyn Kimmel reporter for The Patriot-News.

February 15: Bottom Line Personal: Memory Trouble? The Solution Could Be Simple: Vitamin B12. pp. 9-11. Well-Being Journal, September/October 2011 Vol. 20, No. 5. pp. 16-20. An excerpt from “Could It Be B12?”

Radio Interviews


December 3: WHNZ-AM 1250, Tampa, FL—4:25pm ET (15 minutes), Hosts: Deb Goldman & Evan Gold.


December 10: WPNW-AM/FM 1260/96.5, Grand Rapids, MI (20 minutes), 9:30am-9:50am ET Hosts: Edna Parrish & Jason Craner.

December 13: WRVA-AM 1140, Richmond, VA, 7:36am ET (5minutes) Host: Juan Conde.


Decmeber 13: The Healthy by Nature Show: Host: Martie Whittekinm CCN, (30 minutes).


December 13: BYU Radio, Nationally Syndicated, 1pm ET—1:20pm ET Host: Mike Pond

www.byuradio.org and www.sirius.com

December 17: KBCO-FM 97.3, Denver, CO, 11:30am-11:50am ET (20 min.)  Hosts: Robbyn Hart & Bret Saunders.


December 18: CFFR-AM 660, Calgary, AB, CANADA, 12pm ET (10 min.) Host: Glory Przekop.


December 20: It’s Your Health Radio Network, Nationally Syndicated Host: Lisa Davis, 1pm—1:10pm (10 minutes)


November 1: WRGA-AM 1470 Atlanta, GA 9:06am ET Host: Nelle Reagan,


November 21: WPNW-AM/FM 1260/96.5 Grand Rapids, MI: 10:20am ET, Host: Edna Parrish & Jason Craner.

November 21: KQV-AM 1410—Pittsburgh, PA: 3: Radio Interview: 9:00am-9:40am EST. Host: Joe Fenn.


October 12: KIXI-AM 880, Seattle, WA, Host: Pam Gray & Rochelle Alhadeff , 3:30pm—3:45pm ET



September 12: WRGA-AM 1470: Host: Nellie Reagan, 9:06am—9:26am.

September 12: Issues With Walt Shaw, Sacramento, CA Host: Walt Shaw 1pm—1:20pm ET

September 10: Life Talk Radio Network: Host: Dr. David DeRose 2pm–3pm ET,



August 7: Duke and the Doctor 10:30am ET.

August 11: Perspectives Radio Show: Host: Dr. David Biles, KSCO-1080AM Santa Cruz-CA (3pm-4pm EST)

August 17: KSEN-AM 6:35pm—6:55pm ET.

August 27: WOCA-AM 1370, Ocala, FL; Host: Laryy Whitler & Robin MacBlane 11:05am ET –11:30am ET.

August 27: KCTE-AM 1510, Kansas City, MO, Host: Rob Kingsbury, 3:15pm—3: 45pm ET


August 29: WACK-AM 1420, Rochester, NY, Host Dr. Rus Jeffrey, 8:35am—8:55am ET


August 29: KCMN – AM 1530/KCBR – AM 1040 (Colorado Springs, CO) 9:30am ET, Host: Tron Simpson.

August 30: IRN/USA Radio Network, Host: Ronn Allen 2:05pm – 2:35pm ET

August 31: WNAV-AM 1430 Baltimore, MD, Host: Bill Lusby, 8:35am-8:45am ET


July 5: Sirius XM Satellite Radio Network, Nationally Syndicated, Host: Armstrong Williams, 7:10am-7:30am ET

July 12: WTMA-AM 1250, Charleston, SC, Host: John Quincy & Sheree Bernardi, 8:35am—9:00am ET


July 17: WGST-AM 640, Atlanta, GA, Host: Rob Johnson & Dave Merlino, 7:20am—7:30am ET


July 23: WHNZ-AM 1250, Tampa, FL, Host: Deb Goldman & Evan Gold, 4:00pm—4:30pm ET


July 26: WOCA_AM 1370, Ocala, FL, Host: Larry Whitler & Robin MacBlane, 11:05am—11:30am ET.


July 26: KIXI-AM 880, Seattle, WA, Host: Pam Gray & Rochelle Alhadeff, 3:30pm—3:45pm ET

July 30: Host: Armstrong Williams 1pm-1:30pm ET



June 2: Let’s Just Talk Radio Show: Host Kathryn Raaker KFNX, 11am-11:50am


June 16: Radio Interview Gesundheit (3 hour) 11am EST.

June 21: Mary Jones Show: 1:05-1:23pm



May 7: Brenda Michaels: 10am-11am EST, info@conscioustalk.net.

May 7: Mary Jane Popp—Sacramento 1pm-1:30pm.

May 8: Mary Jones Show 12:30pm-12:50pm EST.

May 10: Bob Gourley Issues Today 1pm-1:10pm.

May 19: Martie Whittekin Show: Healthy By Nature Show 9:05am-9:30am EST.


April 7: Radio Interview: Body Talk Radio Show 5-6pm EST.

April 12: Print interview: Treacy Colbert Medical Writer/Editor (562) 426-6992 4:30pm-4:55pm.

April 21: Radio Interviews Austin, Texas: Good News Health Show CST-KLGO 98.5 & 99.3 FM Live Radio: (11:25am- 11:55am); Let’s Get Healthy CST-KJCE 1370 AM Live Radio: (5:40pm-5:55pm); Heatlhy Choices CST-KLBJ (590am) Live Radio: (6:20pm-6:45pm) EST (All shows stream live online & are later pod-casted & accessible at


April 22: Radio Interview: Feet to the Fire—(9pm—9:45pm).

April 25: Dr. Winn Henderson Radio Show interview.

April 26: The Frankie Boyer Show WBIX,12noon- 1pm M-F. WROL 950AM Boston.



March 4: Radio Interview: Dr. Bob Martin Show

March 10: Magazine interview by Kaylynn Chiarello-Ebner, Editor, Whole Foods Magazine, at Expo West, 5pm.

March 12: Radio Interview: 9am CST—The Morning Show with Patrick Timpone, on


March 20: Radio interview 10am EST.

March 22: Radio interview 4pm-5pm.

March 26: Print interview Health Goes Strong.


February 25: Radio Interview: 0900-0940 EST. Host: Martie Whittekin, The Healthy by Nature Show


February 29: Radio interview on Univision 2pm-2:20pm, Host: Dr. Isabelle.


January 9: Interview by Dr. Jill Tieman. Radio-blogpost